A ghostly wreck

Could this rare stereoscopic image be the wreck of the famous steamboat Granite State, which caught fire and burned at Goodspeed’s Landing on May 18, 1883, killing four people? We believe this is indeed the ill-starred sidewheeler awash on the shoal of Lord’s Island, a mile below Goodspeed’s. She lay there for months, her walking beam engine still visible, a gaunt smokestack rising above the gray waves. It was an ominous sight; we’ll have lots more to tell about the once-proud river steamer.

3 thoughts on “A ghostly wreck”

  1. What is showing above the burn hull is the steam boiler,firebox, chimney, walking beam and paddle wheel ….I hope we can find details about “the firebox grate” that was discovered at the East Haddam boat launch where these parts where salvaged.


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